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2019: February 19, Hermann Boya, in collaboration with his wife Lydia Boya, establishes an incorporated film production company: Salvation Pictures inc. In the second half of the same year, they meet their first collaborators: Luckerdel Duval, Lorraine Hamilton and Timothée Poeymirou. With this team, the adventure begins!

2020 : Salvation Pictures inc. signs a partnership agreement with an experienced communications firm: IFX PRODUCTIONS INC. In contact with these people, Hermann Boya understands the need to change the name of Salvation Pictures from an incorporation to a non-profit organization (NPO). 
In the same year, work begins on the script for the organization's very first production: the web series "DESTINATION".  

2020-2021 : During the COVID pandemic, a dozen people who believed in the organization work on pre-production, filming and post-production of the pilot for the web series "DESTINATION". Since all these people work on weekdays, filming and editing take place only on weekends. Mainly Saturdays and some Sunday afternoons.

2022 : The partnership agreement with IFX PRODUCTION INC. is dissolved with the agreement of both parties. Over 50 people join the organization, volunteering their time to produce the first season of "DESTINATION". All production-related activities continue to take place on weekends only. On the administrative side, the organization has a board of five passionate and committed people who also work on a voluntary basis.
2023: Several volunteer actors and actresses withdraw from the project for personal reasons. Salvation Pictures finds itself unable to release the fruit of three years' work. Unable to continue production for the same reason, the threat of abandonment hangs over the series. At the same time, the fledgling Salvation Pictures organization was in danger of closing its doors. 
But faith and determination overcome daunting realities when the administrative team rolls up its sleeves and refuses to capitulate. After several months of hard work, a new version of the script was written. New actors and a
ctresses are found. From mid-July to the end of October of the same year, filming began (only on weekends).  And the adventure continues... Attached is the trailer for the aborted project, followed by an extract from the pilot.


To produce films that focus on core values in order to change lives.We believe that certain fundamental values are disappearing. Our productions aim to keep them alive. 


Salvation Pictures produces films of all genres.


Integrity, Loyalty, Excellence


Although using an English-language trademark, Salvation Pictures' primary target is the Quebec and French-speaking public. Starting from the French-speaking world, we wish to position ourselves as a leader in the production of films that provoke reflection in the viewer.In the long term, Salvation Pictures will distribute its productions in various languages around the world through dubbing. 



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