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Alexandra, commonly known as ALEX, finds her life turned upside down one day when she's 12 years old and comes home from school to find her father in tears. The reason: her mother had left home. Her father resented the divorce and committed suicide a year later. Custody of the child falls to the only living member of the family: JACK, her father's brother. But the latter turns out to be irresponsible enough to lose custody. 

Years later, a pimp by the name of YANN helps her escape from the clutches of a foster family in which she is sexually abused. She then became one of his escorts, in spite of herself. All this fosters an indescribable hatred for her mother, who has still not been heard from.

As for her uncle JACK, he has come to faith in the meantime and is seeking redemption to honor the memory of his brother. When their paths cross again, he succeeds in making amends and sets out to reconcile her with her mother.  Despite ALEX's reluctance, he succeeds, and she ends up thanking him for daring to bring her closer to her mother.

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